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Monday, September 23 2013, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Speaker: Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH
President, Institute for International Medicine
Healthcare professionals have a strong record of service to forgotten people. However, launching into this career tract is not as easy. First, unique professional skills may be required for the diseases are different, medical resources are minimal, cultural context is 
challenging, and for most of us leadership skills are deficient. Secondly, caring for forgotten people also require a unique set of 
personal skills regarding money management, personal health maintenance, and family relationships. Finally, healthcare professionals must wisely choose their path to service, including decisions about a professional specialty, a community to serve, a sending organization, and language learning needs. For anybody interested, please visit INMED here: http://www.inmed.us/

Lied Auditorium

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